The California Casino Company will create a Casino Night party with a customized gaming selection Whether it is a big corporate fundraiser or a small private party or get-together. Call us at 805 375 6360 for your next Casino Party.

Over the last 22 years California Casino Company holds the privilege of providing casino parties and Vegas nights for many incredible institutions and businesses. California Casino Company prides itself on giving our cliental professional and courteous service for a most memorable experience. We offer unsurpassed dedication that is second to none while giving you the best value that you expect. Below is a partial list of many satisfied customers who have given us the opportunity to be their #1 choice.

Academy of Country Music
Alamo Hills Medical Group
ALS Association
Amazing Grace Design
American General
Atria Las Posas
Atria Thousand Oaks
Bank of America
Best BBQ
California Lutheran University
Cirqua Customized Water
Coldwell Bank
David Johnston Insurance Inc.
Dean's Catering
Dutton Plumbing
El Caballero Country Club
Equinox Fitness
Executive Programs
Hillcrest Country Club

Hold The Date
INX International
Loan America
Loan Web
Med 3000
Northrup Grumman
Oxnard College
Poly Comp
Production Pros.
R R Electric
Rancho Simi Recreation & Park District
Royal High School
S & R Originals
S. C. Sheet Metal
Snookies Cookies
Sweet Pea Studio
Tender Bar Tenders
The Knolls
Trader Publishing
Trend Graphics
Two Party Chix
Westlake Village High School

Thanks so much for making our convention casino night so great. You and your guys did a wonderful job and everyone had a fantastic time. Your help with the auction was sure appreciated. Now that we have the gambling bug I'm sure you will be hearing from us to have another casino night locally.

Thanks again.
Alpha PSI Chapter
The Alpha Kappa

You are having your casino party or Vegas night and you want a jumping screaming craps table. Ok we can give you that. This is how it works, you start with the come-out roll, and this is the first roll of the dice. On the come-out roll or first roll it is the time to place Pass bets. This is done by placing a chip or chips on the Pass line directly in front of you, or if you desire you can place the chips on a Don't Pass bet. When you place a chip or chips on the Don't Pass bar, you are betting against the shooter, and Pass bets are with the shooter. The player then rolls or flings (like I do, it makes the dealers nervous) the dice to the opposite wall of the table. If the come-out roll or first roll is a 7 or 11, the players that put there chips on the pass bet win and the players that put there chips on the don't pass bet lose. Ok simple enough. Trust me when you start playing this all makes sense. Ok if the come-out roll or first roll is 2 or 3 or 12, that's craps, and players who placed bets on the pass bets lose. The players on the don't pass bets win on 2 or 3. So what happened to the 12? Well the 12 is "barred"; in other words the don't pass bets neither win nor lose if the come-out roll or first roll is 12.

If the come-out roll or first roll is any other number, that number becomes the "point." If the point number is rolled again before the next 7, Pass bets win and Don't Pass bets lose. Don’t worry we will help teach how to play craps so that it is exciting and screaming fun. Our dealers will help guide you through everything you need to know even if you’re a novice they will make sure that the game still SCREAMS we promise to make it a great time.
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