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So how do you become a great poker player? Well you need to learn the poker face or bluff. There is three different concepts that go into a great poker player. One bluffing and getting bluffed which is can be a deal breaker because you can feel a bluff from a player and bluff right back and kick, well you get the idea. So how can you tell? First what is the definition of a bluff, well it is to bet with an inferior hand in the hope that your opponents will fold his hand or for beginners concede to defeat. We always tell our players that when playing poker look at the body language and facial expressions of a player as he or she wins and loses hands. Also when they call or raise his eyes can give you quite a bit of telling signs into what he or she has in a good or bad hand. There is also what is called a “Tilt” this is when the player gets emotionally upset and starts making poor decisions. This is always tell tale because the emotions of game get the best of us. Poker is the largest played game in the country, and for good reason. When you have 5 or more people at a table that has many dimensions of excitement and you always get one that is very competitive and boy hang on for a great and emotional packed game. So people have said to watch for the “Tell”? The tell is reading the players hands and situations. In other words this is an action that a player makes that gives away the strength of his or her hand. With the help of our skillful dealers we can help you practice so you can become a master bluffer
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